Educational Results Partnership: Learn What Works

Educational Results Partnership provides school, college and community leaders with actionable data to increase educational productivity and improve student outcomes. We do so by starting with the North Star for education—high opportunity, living-wage jobs for all students—and we backwards map success. To this end, we have collected comprehensive, longitudinal data about student K-12, college, career, and life outcomes; found high achieving schools and systems; investigated best practices; and then helped educators find higher performing peers from whom they can learn from to replicate success. We know schools are succeeding, and we know how.

Throughout the education-to-career pipeline, there are momentum points that either hold students back or propel them forward. We comb through the data to find bright spots where students consistently succeed and persist through these momentum points. By highlighting these bright spots and investigating their best practices, we can not only show that our schools are working, but we can also replicate their success.

Join us to learn what works in education and how education systems are putting data to work through Cal-PASS Plus, an actionable, free system of inter-segmental data, managed by Educational Results Partnership and San Joaquin Delta College.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 2:00pm
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