Evaluating the implementation of the Tanoto Foundation Pelita Pendidikan Program

Established in 2010 by the Tanoto Foundation, Pelita Pendidikan is a school improvement program that commits to providing supports for the following:

1) Presence of a safe, healthy, hygienic, and environmentally friendly school;
2) Increased student reading habits;
3) Improved teacher capacity for implementing contextual teaching and learning approaches; and
4) Improved quality of company-owned schools.

Teaming up with the Widya Mandala Catholics University in Indonesia, the BEAR Center evaluated the implementation of the Pelita Pendidikan program in order to determine the extent to which the intended service delivery and resource provision were consistent with Tanoto Foundation’s program design. In our evaluation study, we sampled 64 partner schools at the elementary level located within the rural areas where the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) – the Tanoto’s holding company – business units operate across the three provinces in Indonesia. We will present our evaluation study design, methodology, key findings and recommendations to show-case the challenging nature of school education intervention in remote areas in Indonesia.

Anita Lie is a Professor and the Director of the Graduate School at the Widya Mandala Catholics University in Surabaya, Indonesia. Her areas of research are teacher professional development and English curriculum. She has presented papers in international forums and written several books and numerous articles on education in Kompas and The Jakarta Post, two leading national newspapers in Indonesia. She is a consultant for several organizations/institutions on their education development projects.

Diah Wihardini is a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education majoring in quantitative methods and evaluation (QME). She is a Fulbright scholar from Indonesia with research interests on the validity and reliability issues of large-scale assessments and/or measurements.

Laura Pryor is a PhD student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. She is part of the Quantitative Methods and Evaluation program and focuses on understanding and implementing the methods that most appropriately evaluate education and youth development initiatives.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - 2:00pm
Tolman Hall